How to Use our Compost Toilets [VIDEO]

If you’ve never used a compost toilet before, we know it can seem quite intimidating! Once you learn how to use one, however, it becomes quite easy!

Unlike standard flush toilets, compost toilets do not use any water or plumbing and are quite environmentally friendly. The waste is collected in a giant drum, mixed with organic matter like peat or wood shavings (what we use), and “rolled” to create a compost like mix.

We have compost toilets in 5 of our cabins:

-Birch Yurt


-Captain’s Quarters

-Fern Alley

-The Lookout (hybrid toilet)


  1. After each use, take a scoop of wood shavings out of the bucket next to the toilet and pour it into the opening (the drum).
  2. Pull out the handle (located in the front under the seat), and turn the handle TO THE RIGHT CLOCKWISE seven times until the opening is visible. If you do not see into the drum, you haven’t turned it enough! SEVEN is the lucky number 🙂


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